Decorate a Tree

TreeFest relies on nonprofits, community groups, and sponsor decorators to trim the trees before the event. After TreeFest, the tree and its decorations go to a family in need.

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A copy of the completed form will be emailed to the contact email address. If you do not receive one, your form was not submitted.

Continued This Year…PLEASE READ!

TreeFest organizers have long been awed and humbled by the generosity of the community and sponsor decorators. Many of you have gone beyond beautifully and lovingly decorating a tree as a gift to someone they will never meet. You left gifts of food and presents. This is truly touching and a demonstration of love and caring.

A few years ago, we experimented with matching decorators with recipient families.  While we deemed the family match a success, we realized that we had become a part of the social services holiday safety net in a way that was not sustainable and in some cases would lead to difficulties for families.

We adopted the following guidelines last year and were gratified by the generosity of the decorators and the success of the change.  In addition to gift cards to go along with virtually every decorated tree, there was the equivalent of over two of the very large Toys for Tots boxes filled to the brim with children’s gifts and many, many, many boxes of food for the Bloomsburg Food Cupboard!

Closeup of colorful Christmas lights on a white treeGuidelines:

  • Gift cards to Weis Markets, Giant Food Stores, or Walmart would be a welcomed inclusion and would be held by the Treefest chairperson to go to the matched family. The families can use them to buy fresh food and gas (very much needed).
  • Any donations of food placed under a tree will go to the Bloomsburg Food Cupboard for distribution.
  • Any gifts placed under the tree should be new and unwrapped and will remain under the tree until the end of TreeFest when they will be added to TreeFest’s local Toys for Tots donations.

We do not and would not ask ANY of our decorators to take on a financial commitment to provide food or gifts along with their generous donation of materials for decorations and their time spent making them and decorating the tree. If you choose to leave gift cards, food, or toys, please know that all will make their way to families in need during the holiday season.

Please remember, we truly value the time, energy, and money spent on your decorations and tree trimming – that alone is a wonderful gift!